Deconstructing failure - Insights for boards

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Ninety per cent of company failures have their root causes in the boardroom, with board skill gaps and board risk blindness the most frequent root causes of disaster. This is the main finding of Reputability’s latest analysis of corporate catastrophes 'Deconstructing Failure - Insights for boards', which also found marked differences between financial and non-financial companies.

The report analyses 41 recent major corporate crises and highlights similar patterns of failure across all sectors.  These share, board-level root causes that are not captured by current standard techniques for risk analysis or management. All are in behavioural and organisational risk areas within or influenced by the boardroom.

The report concludes that whilst the widely used 'Board Performance Evaluation' serves a useful purpose, it doesn't help boards to see how their own shortcomings could actually cause a crisis or even precipitate a catastrophe. The report concludes that boards need a new tool, 'Board Vulnerability Evaluation'.  The report summarises its aims.

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'Deconstructing failure - Insights for boards'